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   Seanfhocal, the Irish word for proverb, meaning old word. If you examine the top closely you will find, slightly hidden, old world runes spelling out–"Wisdom and unity is strength". This is our abbreviated variation of an old Irish proverb–"There is no strength without unity". 

   This distinctively reworked sitting room table features hand carved variations on it's top, it's base, and down through it's legs. All three parts are an interpretation, and representation, of  each of the nouns in our interpretive proverb. The dragon claw legs depict the ancient dragon representing "Wisdom". The four weathered solid oak trees carved into it's base represent "Unity". While the hand carved top is a depiction of a shield representing "Strength", which rest on the unity and wisdom, (i.e. such as with the proverb, you can not have a strong table top without a base to unite it's wise legs to keep it standing). 

   This piece has been sold, and is no longer available. However, many pieces will be available in our reworked furniture designs. Please Check back periodically. We will be posting additional reworked pieces as often as we can. If you have something specific in mind, please email us. We will do our best to see if we can accommodate you. For details about the products and services we offer, see our details page.  


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