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Eye of Lugh 

     Named after the mythical Celtic god representing the sun and light—all wise, all seeing. Associated with craftsmanship, skill, and the arts.

    Featuring a simultaneous symmetrical and asymmetrical design. Hand carved from solid western red cedar, with multiple layers of texture and color. All coloring was produced by hand rubbed stain, and various techniques, (no paint), and sealed with a hard protective clear coat. The center features polished hand pounded steel with flame coloring, and directional texture. The entire piece is held together with steel rods, (no fasteners, nails, or screws).

   This piece is available for purchase and shipping to anywhere in the continental United States only. For purchase, and additional product specifications, see our store page. For details about the products and services we offer, see our details page. Please Check back periodically. We will be posting additional sculptures as often as we can.


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