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   This custom designed interactive corporate sculpture is named, and designed, for its representation of people—people of all walks of life. It's literal function is to unite.

    Made from 133 hand carved random height blocks of Pacific Northwest red cedar, arranged in an abstract pattern, with intermittent steel ball bearing inlays. The varying levels of the dark rich color is achieved through randomly blot staining, and flame treating the individual blocks. There are 30 individually inserted steel plates, and one copper, with various colorful effects. This is produced through many types of metalwork techniques such as: hand pounding; hand polishing; directional texturing; ink dye coloring; various open flame coloring techniques; and various types of patinas. The entire piece is finished with a hard protective clear coat.

    Many possibilities are available in our corporate art. If you are in need of a custom designed sculpture, or have something in mind, please email us for additional info and estimates. For details about the products and services we offer, see our details page.


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